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Your Intranet Journey

At the heart of everything we do is our Intranet Journey, it provides a structure to your personal development. The Journey is a methodology that involves a sequence of six steps that contain activities to push your intranet forward.

During these steps we show you how to use techniques to align your intranet to the needs of your organisation. It is a continuous process that can add value both to existing intranets as well as those who just want to start from scratch.

First we uncover and plan intranet requirements. We focus on user experience and wireframe the design, visualise, deliver and then launch your improvements back to the business.


Intranet Masterclass

If you’re an Intranet Manager (or closely involved with your intranet) we regularly run a two-day course that provides you with techniques to help you successfully manage your intranet.

You’ll be empowered to make sure your Intranet evolves to match both your staff and business requirements. You’ll see how to engage stakeholders, uncover opportunities and continuously connect with staff.

Our next masterclass is on the 5th – 6th June in Central London.

Masterclass Agenda

Day 1

Day 2

Courses & seminars
Self learning
Trusted sources
Project plan
Smart goals
Roles & responsibilities
Stakeholder interviews
Personas & scenarios
Information architecture
Content pile
Content audit
Content matrix
Card sorting
Requirements gathering
Infrastructure review
Field tests
Staff Surveys
Requirements gathering workshop
Killer apps
What is UX
Gestalt Psychology
Browsable versus findable
Site map
Testing your design
Intranet usability testing
Paper prototyping
Choosing a supplier
Design versus performance
PET Analysis
Creative brief
Brand vision
Intranet guidelines
Use of colour

Who we Are

Martyn Green
Martyn GreenIntranet Expert
I have dedicated the last 15 years to understanding what makes effective Intranets. Intranets that have people at the core but importantly, underpin the business objectives. I’ve coached intranet managers and their teams all across the world in many diverse and interesting industries.

As an Intranet expert I regularly present seminars and training courses as well as delivering individual consultation. The most common activities that I conduct are education for senior managers, stakeholder interviews, uncovering and analysing intranet requirements, card sorting, user journeys / wireframes as well as assessing existing intranets.

Duncan Millar
Duncan MillarIntranet Expert
I’ve been planning, designing and building sites for the Internet since 1994. My focus since 2007 has been Intranets and the User Experience, planning and engaging in great people centred design that delivers meaningful results.

I’ve spent the last 7 years training people on the ins and outs of great Intranet design, both visually and from the perspective of a good experience, helping them get best out of an often misunderstood medium. I’m committed to educating people about the importance of Psychology in design, and it’s purpose in the Human user interface, across all mediums and devices.

Working with Us

“The course was excellent – interesting
and informative. It gave me the tools and
information I need to build our intranet.
Thank you so much.”

Leona Smith, Head of Marketing

“We have a real jumble of an intranet.
This was a very well structured way to
move our intranet to the tool it should be.
Thank you for the experience.”

Kenneth D’Souza, Managing Director

“Very useful, informative and practical.
I feel a lot more confident in the delivery
of my company’s intranet project now.
Thank you.”

Katy Stanley, HR Officer