Intranet consultancy

When it comes to intranets our experience is broad and diverse. We have been involved in more than 250 different intranets and trained hundreds of thousands of intranet professionals the world over. As an extension of your internal teams we can help throughout the lifecycle of your intranet. In conjunction with the intranet suppliers SORCE we developed the intranet journey, a series of activities that will help you deliver and maintain a highly effective intranet.

This journey can be broken down into six sections, Learn, Plan, Function, Form, Deploy and Launch. Our team of intranet experts can run workshops and consult on each of these activities:

  1.  Learn   
  • Courses & seminars
  • Self learning
  • Trusted sources
  2.  Plan   
  • Project plan
  • Smart goals
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Personas & scenarios
  • Information architecture
  • Content pile
  • Content audit


  • Content matrix
  • Card sorting
  • Requirements gathering
  • Infrastructure review
  • Field tests
  • Staff Surveys
  • Requirements gathering workshop
  • Killer apps
  3.  Function   
  • What is UX
  • Gestalt Psychology
  • Browsable versus findable
  • Relevance
  • Site map
  • Testing your design
  • Intranet usability testing
  • Paper prototyping
  4.  Form   
  • Choosing a supplier
  • Design versus performance
  • PET Analysis
  • Creative brief
  • Brand vision
  • Intranet guidelines
  • Scrolling
  • Use of colour
  • Responsibility
  • Accessibility
  5.  Deploy   
  • Intranet training
  • Creation of pages
  6.  Launch   
  • Launch strategy
  • Promoting your intranet

Working with both large multinational organisations and small local businesses there’s practically no intranet related challenge that we’ve yet to tackle. Our vast experience enables us to add value to your intranet with additional project resources, impartial advice and skills to supplement your internal teams.

Wherever you are in your intranet journey get in touch to discuss your requirements.

“Interesting and informative. The scale of the task ahead is now clear but I feel better equipped to take it on.”

Gemma Payne, Publications and Internal Communications Officer – Elizabeth Finn Care