We’re consultants that specialise in Intranets and surrounding technology, from planning and requirement gathering all the way through to massive scale implementation and deployment. We don’t care about your software, we care about your Intranet. We are passionate about it, we believe they are a focal of the modern business. Software doesn’t make great Intranets, People do.

Extending your intranet team

Our experienced consultants bring extensive, impartial expertise to help you deliver a truly productive intranet.

Stakeholder Interviews

Conducting interviews with key stakeholders to capture intranet requirements.

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Card Sorting & Taxonomy

Helping you group intranet content to make it easier for your employees to find.

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Auditing Intranet Content

We audit your content, identifying what you have and what you need to create.

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Intranet Prototypes

We wireframe and test your intranet layouts to help you create designs that work.

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Free Intranet Audit

Is your intranet achieving employee engagement and helping improve their productivity?



Schedule a free 45 minute intranet audit where we’ll assess your intranet to make sure its delivering value.

World class intranet training

Writing for the Intranet

Learn how to compose engaging content for your intranet with this half day, hands-on workshop. Duration: 1/2 day course Cost: £295 (ex VAT)

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How to be a good Intranet Publisher

Discover where can you find great content and how to encourage and promote expertise within your business. Duration: 1 day course Cost: £495 (ex VAT)

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Managing a successful Intranet

Our comprehensive course that will equip you with tools and techniques to manage a successful intranet. Duration: 1 day course Cost: £495 (ex VAT)

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