Content Audit

Engaging staff with relevant intranet content

Content auditing is a vital tool in the creation of a usable intranet site. The process of auditing your content serves multiple purposes, it helps us understand what content exists, where to find it, who owns it, as well checking for relevance to your intranet users and whether the content is still in date.

What happens during the content audit?

During your content audit we systematically record, check and validate your content ready to be included in your intranet. Content that isn’t being used is worthless, through the content audit we help understand why. This goes along way towards fixing any perception that your intranet contains lots of information that is difficult to find. Often people have found the right place, but they’re just not getting the right information out of the content itself.

What will you get out of a content audit?

You will have a clear understanding of the intranet content you want to keep and the content you may be missing. We will work together to develop a content plan and a set of governance standards that can help maintain the quality of your content on your intranet.