Onsite Intranet Audit

How will the audit add value to your business

During the morning Martyn will go through your current intranet setup. He will be able to show you and your team examples of good intranet practice and identify areas where your intranet could add value to your wider business objectives.

Martyn will highlight areas for improvement in both the short and the long term, helping you form the basis of your intranet plan. He will also share with you some strategies for communicating with staff and senior management to increase the engagement of your intranet.

Agenda for the day

  • Introduction, overview and summary of key issues
  • Walkthrough of your intranet
  • Discussion of intranet roles and personas
  • Site stats and technical setup
  • Lunch
  • Good practice from other intranets
  • Ideas for improvement (short term)
  • Ideas for improvement (long term)
  • Strategies for communicating with staff and key stakeholders
  • Delivering strong governance
  • Summary


Intranet Audit

Intranet Audit

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“I just wanted to thank you for all the information, insights and advice you gave me during our Intranet Audit. It was all extremely useful and was a great opportunity for me to focus totally on our intranet with the benefit of drawing on your wide experience and expertise. I’m already starting to plan the next steps and feel much more confident; especially having the excellent resources that you gave me.”
Maggi Allison